Yoga is one of the very few things in the world where there is no issue of gender equality. The art form which came into existence thousands of years ago has some asanas that contribute to the health and fitness of both the genders.

Best Yoga Asanas for men

Utkatasana or Chair Pose

The Utkatasana or Chair Pose increases the strength in ankles, shoulders and abdomen area. It has a lot of positive impacts by increasing the stability of organs. It also stimulates these organs that results in better functioning.

Stand straight. Inhale and position your arms over your head. Now exhale and bend your knees as if you are sitting on a chair. Now join your hands together and bring them down and place them in front of your chest. Stay in the posture for a few seconds and repeat the procedure.

Navasana – Boat Pose

Navasana strengthens your deep core, hip, and your spine. The end posture results in the stimulation of the prostate glands and the tension in the pelvic area are reduced. Navasana aids in the better functioning of the digestive system.

Lie flat on the floor, with your arms rested on the side of your body. Now inhale and lift your knees up to the maximum possible height without the support of your arms. Now raise your upper body and get it close to the raised knees. Make sure to keep your spine straight. Remain in that posture for fifteen to twenty seconds. Now exhale and go back to the original position.

Uttanasana – Standing Forward Fold

Uttanasana helps to stretch the entire body muscles. It also improves the overall blood circulation. The standing forward fold strengthens the hamstrings, calves, and knees. It also helps to relieve tension in the spine, neck and back areas.

Begin by standing straight in a relaxed manner. Inhale and raise your arms above your head. Now exhale, bend and make sure that your head is hanging in between your arms. Place a yoga block in front and reach it when you bend. Stay in the pose for few seconds and repeat the procedure again.


Best Yoga Asanas for women

Virabhadrasana 2 – Warrior 2 pose

Virabhadrasana 2 helps to strengthen the shoulders, chest, inner thighs and hips. It aids in strengthening the core of the body.  It mainly helps in strengthening the limbs.

Stand straight and spread both the arms side wards. Now stretch one leg away from the other. While stretching bend the knees of the leg that you are not stretching. Now come back to the normal position. Repeat this with the other leg. During this process inhale while you are stretching the legs and exhale while returning to the initial position.

Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward dog pose

Adho Mukha Svanasana aids in strengthening the calves, glutes, spine, triceps, and hamstrings. It helps in perfecting the body posture and improves the blood circulation of the entire body.

Stand straight and raise your arms over your head. Now without changing the positions of your arms bend in front with your hips and land with your arms. Now your posture looks like an inverted V. During this process inhale while you are raising the arms and exhale while you are bending forward.

Balasana – Child Pose

Balasana strengthens the entire body and improves the connection between the mind and the body. It also reduces the stress and calms the mind.

Kneel down on the floor by resting your thighs and back. Keep your upper body straight. Now raise your arms above the head. Bend towards the front and try to touch the floor with the forehead. Stay in the position for a few seconds and again come to the initial position. In this asana inhale while raising the arms and exhale while bending forward.